10 Proven Tips To Maintain Your iPhone


You know what you can keep using your iPhone for longer without the need to go to an iPhone repair shop in London. How? Set up automatic updates, install and update apps, and manage your iPhone’s battery. You should also avoid extreme temperatures, replace the screen protector, and clean its speaker, microphone, and charging port. Additionally, you can create more storage space, restart your iPhone, and back up your data.

10 Ways To Maintain Your iPhone

Let’s dive into the world of effective iPhone care tips by iPhone repair pros in London because prevention is indeed better than spending much time and money later.

1. Setting Up Automatic Updates

Let’s kick matters off with a game-changer—automatic updates. Your iPhone’s operating system and apps often get improvements, virus fixes, and cool features. Enable automatic updates in Settings so that you’re always on the cutting edge without lifting a finger.

2. Installing And Updating Apps

Your apps also need attention. That’s why you should regularly check the App Store for updates and install them right away. Updated apps not only provide new features but also patch up any potential security risks.

3. Manage Your iPhone’s Battery

Your iPhone’s battery is the powerhouse, and managing it well is vital.  A well-maintained battery means longer utilisation during charges, making sure your iPhone is ready for action while you need it. Avoid exposing it to high temperatures, and try to preserve your battery level between 20% and 80% for optimal performance.

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

iPhones, like human beings, do not like extreme temperatures. That’s why keep your device away from the scorching heat and cold to keep its longevity. By avoiding temperature extremes, you protect your iPhone from potential harm, ensuring it remains cool and operational.

5. Replace The Screen Protector

Your iPhone’s display protector is the unsung hero. Over time, it would get scratched or broken. A fresh display screen protector not only enhances the visible appeal but also protects your iPhone’s screen from regular wear and tear. So, replace it periodically to keep your iPhone’s display looking perfect.

6. Clean The Speaker And Microphone

Speakers and microphones are important for conversation. Regular cleaning keeps your iPhone’s audio components in top-notch condition, preventing muffled calls or distorted sound. So, the next tip by iPhone repair experts in London is to use a gentle brush or compressed air to remove dust and particles, making sure crystal clear audio quality.

7. Clean The Charging Port

Dust and lint can accumulate within the charging port with time, hindering the charging procedure. A clean charging port ensures a dependable connection, preventing frustrating charging troubles and keeping your iPhone working well. Carefully clean the port with a small brush or compressed air to ensure seamless charging.

8. Create More Storage Space

Running out of storage? Time to declutter. More storage means smoother overall performance, faster access to apps, and the potential to capture countless photos without storage issues.  So, delete unused apps, clear out old pictures, and transfer data to the cloud to free up treasured space in your iPhone.

9. Restart Your iPhone

A simple but effective tip to avoid the need for iPhone repairs in London is to restart your iPhone frequently. A  restart is like a mini spa day for your iPhone, making sure it is able to tackle any task with renewed energy. This step helps clear out minor system faults, refreshes the system, and keeps everything working smoothly.

10. Back Up Your Data

Last, back up your data frequently. Regular backups act as a safety net, offering peace of mind and safety in case the unexpected occurs. Whether it is through iCloud or iTunes, having a backup guarantees you won’t lose valuable photos or essential information.

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There you have got it—10 proven tips to maintain your iPhone and keep it in top-notch condition. From regular updates to battery, management, and cleaning rituals, these tips make certain your iPhone stays your trusty partner for years to come without the need for iPhone repairs in London.


Q1: How Often You Should Update Your iPhone’s Screen Protector?

Ans: Consider changing it every 6-12 months or quicker in case you notice scratches or harm on it.

Q2: Can You Clean The Charging Port With A Toothpick?

Ans: A toothpick can cause harm. Use a small brush or compressed air for a gentle cleaning.

Q3: Should You Back Up Your Data To iCloud or iTunes?

Ans: It’s a personal preference. iCloud offers convenience, while iTunes gives a local backup choice. Choose the one that suits your needs.