3 Steps to Making Your Own Barcode + Free Barcode Generator

3 Steps to Making Your Own Barcode + Free Barcode Generator

Barcodes have become an essential part of life for most people, whether they realize it or not. They can be found in books, groceries, and even the clothes you wear! In this article, we’ll talk about how to make your own barcode in 3 steps using our free barcode generator! You’ll be surprised how easy it really is to do. Let’s get started!

1) Design your barcode

Finally, you will need to decide what type of barcode you want. There are two main types: the linear barcode, which is a one-dimensional barcode that looks like a series of lines, and the matrix barcode, which is a two-dimensional barcode that looks like a square made up of tiny dots. The linear bar code is used for smaller items or for when space is limited, but it can be harder to scan due to its straight lines. Matrix codes are larger and easier to scan, but they take up more room on the label. For this tutorial, we’ll use a linear barcode. You may also use our free online generator below! Enter in your text in the box provided, choose your font and color, select whether you would like a white or black background, then click Generate.

Start by entering your desired text into the box provided. Next, pick your desired font (or choose from our selection). Choose whether you would like your barcode on a white background or black background. When ready, click Generate to generate your code!

2) Print your barcode

  1. Open Microsoft Word and type in the text you want on your bar code.
  2. Select the text, go to ‘Insert’, then ‘Barcode’.
  3. Type in your data into the first field, and enter a beginning string of A for American Standards. For European standards, start with E. Press ‘Next’ and select your desired thickness, width and height of your barcode before pressing ‘Finish’.
  4. Preview your barcode by clicking ‘Preview’: adjust it if necessary by changing the parameters until you are satisfied.
  5. Click ‘Create barcodes’: choose from one of four formats (PDF417, Code 128, Codabar, or Interleaved 2 of 5) and press save.

3) Download our free barcode generator app

Download our free barcode generator app for iOS or Android and create your own custom barcodes in just a few minutes. All you need is a picture of the QR code, URL, or text that you want on your bar code to get started. Simply open the application and enter what you would like it to say. Once you have entered your information, tap Scan. You will then see an icon with a camera as well as an arrow pointing down at a square with small dots all around it. Tap this icon (which looks like an old-fashioned film strip) to take a photo of what’s in front of you, which will then be turned into the image for your barcode!