Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Miss Out on These 5 iPad POS Systems in 2022

Small Businesses Can't Afford to Miss Out on These 5 iPad POS Systems in 2022

Many small businesses have yet to take the plunge and start using iPads in their daily operations, but this will change in 2022. By then, all businesses of this size will be using the iPad as part of their point-of-sale strategies thanks to the flexibility and user-friendliness of these tablet computers. Read on to learn more about the five best iPad POS systems that small businesses should know about in 2022.

1) Square

The Square Reader is small, reliable, and affordable. As one of the most recognizable names in the burgeoning mobile payments space, it’s no surprise that Square makes this list again. However, if you’re considering going with a more established solution with more features like those found in PayPal Here or QuickBooks, it may be worth waiting a few years before doing so to see how these providers will continue evolving and maturing their products.

However, there are two reasons why any retailer would benefit from deploying Square’s card reader as soon as possible: firstly because of its low price point; secondly, because there is currently no other provider who offers such a robust SDK for customization and third-party apps.

2) ShopKeep

The ShopKeep iPad POS system is designed for small businesses looking to replace a cash register or checkout system. Its user-friendly design and straightforward functionalities make it an ideal choice for inexperienced users. With only a few simple steps, you can download the app from the App Store and start taking orders from your customers. The downside is that there are some limitations. For example, with ShopKeep, customer billing or signature information is not automatically stored for later retrieval. This means that you need your employees to manually enter this information after the sale is completed. Still, the simplicity of usage makes this software one of our favorites!

3) iZettle

One of the best iPad POS systems that small businesses should keep an eye out for is iZettle. It is a contactless card reader and EMV chip reader that works with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and traditional magnetic swipe cards. This system can be integrated with Square’s suite of services for a seamless experience for both customers and merchants. Features include deposits from bank accounts as well as cash payments, online inventory management capabilities, taxes, and more!

4) Vend

Bringing your business into the modern era with an iPad POS system is no small task. From the extensive research done for this piece, it’s clear that there are five really good options for small businesses. If you’re considering starting a new enterprise and you want a foolproof plan to ensure success, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at these systems!

5) Ingenico Point of Sale

The new innovative point of sale system by Ingenico is an all-in-one kit. There is no need for a Wi-Fi hotspot, and even if the device goes offline you can still operate using the touch screen. Receipts are sent to your email address, and the integrated card reader offers a high level of security. This system has sleek features that allow for multi-functionality such as bank reconciliation and customer management -making this one of the best iPad POS systems for small businesses in 2022.

1) Touch screens have come a long way since they were first introduced

2) Customers like touchscreen systems because they’re intuitive

3) Apple recently introduced iPhone 8 which lets customers make secure transactions with their fingerprint