Top 9 Background Check Companies of 2022

Top 9 Background Check Companies of 2022

Background checks are becoming more and more important as the year’s pass. These days, a background check might seem like it’s something that only comes up when you’re applying to work at the FBI or getting employed in some government department, but that’s not true at all. There are plenty of private companies that do background checks, including background check companies.

1) Three background check services that verify education

CollegeBoard provides a variety of academic and financial products and services to U.S. colleges, universities, school districts, policymakers, and the public. They offer accreditation services, digital learning tools for college success, assessment services for international education readiness assessments (PISA), high-school course equivalency exams (iTEP), and professional development programs. The company was founded in 1915 by nine leading U.S. colleges seeking greater recognition abroad.

2) A premium service to help with employment screening

It is possible to discover a candidate’s criminal history, driving records, social media profiles, and more by conducting a comprehensive background check. Think the results might be ugly? Think again. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you hired the right person for the job and you can avoid lawsuits with negligent hiring practices.

3) A background-checking company that includes drug testing

HireRight offers pre-employment screenings and employer services. HireRight provides drug testing that does not rely on self-reporting. Employee Assistance Programs offer evaluations and consultations for employees in need. Background checks are offered for both prospective and current employees with detailed reports that screen criminal records, professional references, education verification, driving records, information about relatives, and much more.

4) The best bureau service to use if you have issues with an employee

When hiring someone to work for your company, make sure you always use a background check service. If you find that there is some sort of problem with an employee and they’ve had something in their past they weren’t willing to disclose, it could get them fired and lead to major legal issues. Make sure that all employees are cleared with a professional company before allowing them access to any personal information about your clients or customers.

5) A workplace-specific background check provider

Working to gain your trust is our number one priority. Whether you are an employer, staffing agency, or human resource professional, the results are easy to read with an interactive graphical interface. This year’s winner is clear: Top 9 Background Check is at the top of the list! We help businesses and their employees understand who they’re working with by providing comprehensive criminal background checks so you can be confident in every hire.

6) The top background check service for financial institutions

Equifax is a leader in providing background check services for both financial institutions and the public. The company is committed to upholding its industry’s best practices while striving to remain easy to use, fair, and reliable. Equifax provides its clients with advanced tools such as VantageScore® to help them better assess the risk profiles for their clients

7) An all-inclusive provider for all kinds of businesses

Safeguard is an all-inclusive provider for all kinds of businesses that offer background checks, drug tests, social media monitoring, and specialized investigations to other companies. They work with a wide range of industries from early education to financial services and from real estate to hospitality.

8) The most complete background check company

In-depth background checks are critical in order to find a qualified candidate or the truth behind the candidate’s qualifications. However, many background check companies have done their research on the matter and have found themselves becoming a lot more effective in finding the right information for your needs. That being said, this list has compiled what we think are some of the best Background Check companies that offer these services to you.

9) An affordable option for businesses or individuals with no budget

If you don’t have the budget for a professional background check company, do an internet search for background checks. You’ll get a lot of hits with reputable options. My personal recommendation is private investigators, but many well-known ones charge upwards of $400 an hour. If you’re looking for someone cheaper and just need something more reliable than what the people in your office can do, a simple Google search will suffice.