How to Score the Best Deals on Cyber Monday

How to Score the Best Deals on Cyber Monday

What would the day after Thanksgiving be without Cyber Monday? It’s hard to imagine, and this year’s Cyber Monday looks to be bigger than ever. If you want to make sure you have the best Cyber Monday possible, look no further than these trends and sales tips on how to score the best deals on Cyber Monday 2018.

Holiday Shopping Tactics

This Black Friday, November 24th, retailers are already dropping hints about how they’ll woo you next week. In that spirit, here are some ideas for Cyber Monday Strategies and Trends & Sales Tips for 2018:

– Scan items before purchasing online to see if there are coupon codes or discounts offered that might be even better than advertised deals. Remember, you can’t combine your online savings with an in-store discount! – Be aware of fraudsters lurking on social media and websites. These scammers will use tactics like offering exclusive deals or telling you it’s too late to order a certain item. Avoid falling prey by being careful who you buy from and doing research ahead of time.

Retailer-Specific Strategies

As we barrel into Black Friday weekend, it’s time to start considering your Cyber Monday strategy. Strategy is king when it comes to scoring big deals. So here are some retailer-specific strategies for scoring the best deals this Cyber Monday! H&M: Take advantage of H&M’s early morning deals (start at midnight PST). Saks Fifth Avenue: Visit Saks Fifth Avenue during Thanksgiving week and enjoy up to 60% off brands like Gucci, Prada and Saint Laurent. With other Black Friday specials, including more than 400 items from $49 and more than 50% off accessories (all day), you can shop ‘til you drop without spending a fortune. We’re also offering free shipping with no minimum purchase all weekend long. Lord & Taylor: Shop now through Cyber Monday with 30% off select in-store sale items and 25% off clearance online sale items.

Apparel: The Big Category

Pricing can make or break a sale, and you don’t want to price too high because customers will leave when they see your prices. Instead, undercut competitors by 10% and use that 10% difference as an incentive for them to buy now. You could also create discounts for every five items purchased in order to encourage people who want multiple items of your product. Cyber Monday is also a great day for limited edition products and flash sales that you wouldn’t normally offer, so make sure you promote these!

Beauty Products Are a Great Deal This Year

Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, which means it’s time for a cyber week! Cyber Monday is a one-day shopping event where all types of retailers offer up sales, discounts, and deals for your shopping pleasure. With Thanksgiving being just last week and Christmas so near, it’s natural that shoppers might be inclined to think about buying something for themselves in addition to those gifts. Make sure you’re armed with a list of what you’d like to buy and some type of plan in mind when you hit up retailers on Cyber Monday. Below are some trends and sales tips that could help you score some great deals this year:

– Many beauty products will have higher discounts due as they typically sell out quickly around this time of year.

Home Furnishings Are Often Overlooked

Many people see home furnishings as items that they don’t need – after all, they are only looking for a new dress or piece of furniture.

However, as you may have noticed, there are many discounts available for home furnishings this holiday season, meaning that now is a great time to add a few pieces to your own. There are so many options out there and all of them deserve at least some consideration from you. One thing is for sure – get in early before the best deals go! Stores will often take even greater discounts off later on in the day which means that if you want to avoid disappointment, it’s essential to be patient and wait until Black Friday has started. Remember also not to focus too much on sales prices: think about what quality is worth it for you. If an item is going to last 10 years then it might be worth spending a little more money than if it’s just going to last six months or less.

Online vs. In-Store Shopping – Pros and Cons

Online shopping does have its advantages, not just inconvenience but also because you are able to do price comparisons and check stock levels. But, in-store shopping can’t be overlooked either as there are so many amazing retailers that offer free shipping and in-store pickups. Retailers also often release Cyber Monday exclusive products (sometimes even before Cyber Monday) which will likely sell out fast. In this way, you can shop both online and in-store on Cyber Monday and find great deals no matter where you choose.

Smart Ways to Save Money While Shopping for Holiday Gifts

Shopping can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be. Smart Ways to Save Money While Shopping for Holiday Gifts offers savvy strategies and tips that can help you score the best deals on Cyber Monday. Now is a great time for frugal shoppers to set aside some money for holiday gifts since most retailers have specials going during this time of year. We compiled our top three favorite shopping techniques below:

1) Stay Connected with Stores – Most retailers offer coupon codes and other discounts through their email lists or social media accounts so make sure you’re signed up and getting notifications every time they offer a sale or deal. You can also like retailers’ Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their blogs, etc.